Thursday, April 24, 2014

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For the first time in two decades, the divisive figure Kumba Yalá is not watching over Guinea-Bissau's elections. But his legacy of corruption and unrest remains.
Once warring communities now live side by side and the pace of development has been awe-inspiring, argues former UK Secretary of State for International Development Andrew Mitchell.
Africa's history has for too long laid scattered across Western museums and private collections, out of the reach of their true owners' hearts, minds and memories.
The UK government will make a full apology and investigate reparations at a surprise press conference later this afternoon.
There is no such thing as an objective map. This was true of cave paintings, Roman tapestries, and colonialists' charts of Africa. It is also true of Google Maps.
David Van Reybrouck's epic history of the Congo brings to life and honours the heroic lives of ordinary people as well as the extraordinary lives of the country's heroes.
Contemporary African design trends based on fractals tap into a venerable tradition of self-organisation and open new spaces for local creativity and civic participation.
More human remains seized by German colonisers in the early 20th century have been returned to Namibia. But the formal apology Namibians are calling for is still a long way off.
France needs Niger's uranium, while Niger needs French assistance. But the relationship is and always has been unequal.